The aim of the Bridge and Engine Resource Management Course is to reduce the risk of marine casualties by using skills associated with the social interaction between team members, situation awareness and decision making in a high fidelity, complex and simulated working environment on a ship.



The learning objectives of this course cover all the requirements of the STCW code including the addition of the competence mentioned in table A-III/2 (Use leadership and managerial skills) which were approved as amendments in June 2010 in the IMO Diplomatic Conference in Manila.


On completion of this course the trainees should

  • Share a common view of the intended passage and the agreed procedures to transit the passage with all members of the ship.
  • Develop and use a detailed passage plan to anticipate and manage workload demands and risks.
  • Set appropriate manning levels and make contingency plans based on anticipated workload and risks.
  • Make roles and responsibilities clear to the ship's members.
  • Involve all team members in problem solving.
  • Acquire all relevant information early and anticipate dangerous situations.
  • Team members clearly understand the chain of command including the way decisions and instructions are made, responded to, and challenged.


The course will cover the following topics :
  • Teamwork
  • Teambuilding
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Decision Making
  • Resource Management
  • Stress, Attitudes and risk
Bridge and Engine Resource Management begins before the voyage and continues through the end of the voyage with a debrief meeting conducted together by the Master & Chief Engineer.


Duration: 2 days

Eligibility:All Navigating and Engineer Officers.

No. of Participants: 6

Course Facilitators: Experienced Masters, Chief Engineers and Human Resource Development Experts.

Course Venue: Oceans XV Nautical Services Pvt. Ltd.
F-209, Lado Sarai
New Delhi - 110030

Tel. No.: +(91)-(11)-46035710