The aim of the Bridge Resource Management Course is to reduce the risk of marine casualties by helping a ship’s bridge crew anticipate and correctly respond to their ship’s changing situation.


On completion of this course the trainees should
  • Share a common view of the intended passage and the agreed procedures to transit the passage with all members of the Bridge Team.
  • Develop and use a detailed passage plan to anticipate and manage workload demands and risks.
  • Set appropriate manning levels and make contingency plans based on anticipated workload and risks.
  • Make roles and responsibilities clear to Bridge Team members.
  • Involve all team members in problem solving.
  • Acquire all relevant information early and anticipate dangerous situations.
  • Team members clearly understand the chain of command including the way decisions and instructions are made, responded to, and challenged.


The course will cover the following topics :
  • Teamwork
  • Teambuilding
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Decision Making
  • Resource Management
  • Stress, Attitudes and risk
Bridge Resource Management begins before the voyage with the passage plan and continues through the end of the voyage with the passage debrief.


Duration: 2 days (1 day if combined with BTM Course)

Eligibility: Masters & All Navigating Officers.

No. of Participants: 6

Course Facilitators: Experienced Masters and Human Resource Development Experts.

Course Venue: Oceans XV Nautical Services Pvt. Ltd.
F-209, Lado Sarai
New Delhi - 110030

Tel. No.: +(91)-(11)-46035710