ECDIS (DGS Approved)


The aim of an ECDIS training course is to enhance navigational safety. The skills gained with this course include the safe operation of ECDIS equipment, proper use of various types of ECDIS-related information, and knowledge of the capability and limitations of ECDIS.


On completion of this course the trainees should
  • Acquire a thorough knowledge and functional understanding of the basic principles governing ENC data and its proper display in ECDIS.
  • Demonstrate proper use of the ECDIS equipment, including the use of navigational functions associated with route planning and monitoring; the ability to select, display, and interpret relevant information, and knowing what proper action to take in case of malfunction.
  • Be aware of ECDIS-related limitations, particularly those associated with errors of interpretation, over-reliance, and complacency.


Oceans XV in cooperation with ARISE (ARI Simulation Experience) offers a dedicated ECDIS Operator Training Course. Participants of this course are trained on effective and proficient ECDIS operation by means of presentations and practical exercises on real ECDIS equipment and simulators.

The course is based on ARISE (ARI Simulation Experience) ECDIS system. This is a system that is ideally suited to the purposes of operational ECDIS training as follows :
  • Familiarization and Principle Aspects
  • Sensors and Vessel Positioning
  • Voyage Monitoring
  • ARPA Operation
  • Radar Overlay
  • Route Planning and Route Monitoring
  • Navigational Tasks
  • Ships Logbook Function
  • Indicators and Alarms
  • User Charts and Graphic Editor
  • Utilities


Duration: 5 days

Eligibility: Masters & All Navigating Officers.

No. of Participants: 6

Course Facilitators: Experienced Masters

Course Fee: Rs. 10000/- (Inclusive all taxes)

Course Venue: Sir Derek Bibby ~ Oceans XV Maritime Training Centre
F-322, Lado Sarai, Ground Floor
New Delhi 110030

Tel. No.: +(91)-(11)- 4602 9307