The aim of the Framo 'Hydraulic' Cargo Pumping System Course is to enable ships officers to operate and maintain Framo pumps in the most appropriate manner.


To enables the participants to:
  • Understand the fundamental concepts of hydraulics.
  • Understand the working of the FRAMO hydraulics circuit and the components therein, the various safety devices and emergency overrides.
  • Operate the FRAMO cargo pumping system and pumps efficiency and safety.
  • Carry out normal overhaul / repair on the Cargo pumps and Flow control valves.
  • Learn through sharing of experiences amongst participants.


Introduction to the advantages and fundamental concepts of hydraulics
  • Components of hydraulic systems and their representative symbols (ISO 1219) in circuit drawings.
  • Open and Closed circuits.
  • Axial Piston hydraulic pumps - types and working principle and Pressure compensation feature.
  • Detailed operational description of the FRAMO Circuit and pumping system.
  • Hydraulic Oil, contamination and filters.
  • Speed Control Valves - operation and troubleshooting.
  • Cargo pump construction, operation, stripping and performance evaluation.
  • Purging routines and analysis of results
  • Cargo pump performance curves
  • Use of portable pump in emergency and precautions
  • Panned maintenance.
Bridge Resource Management begins before the voyage with the passage plan and continues through the end of the voyage with the passage debrief.


Duration: 1 day

Eligibility: All deck and Engine Officers

No. of Participants: 6

Course Facilitators: Experienced Masters & Chief Engineers

Course Venue: Oceans XV Nautical Services Pvt. Ltd.
F-209, Lado Sarai
New Delhi - 110030

Tel. No.: +(91)-(11)-46035710