One of our trainers (all our trainers will be proficient and highly qualified Master Mariners and Marine Engineers) will join the vessel for a period of 7-12 days, as per a convenient voyage schedule. This has to be done in close co-ordination with the S&Q and Technical departments, as the window period of the annual audits will need to be checked. He will conduct the following on board the vessel:
° The Annual internal audit of the vessel (ISM/ISPS).
° A pre-vetting inspection on all Tankers, Chemical Carriers or Gas Carriers.
° A confidential appraisal report of the Master, Chief Officer, Chief Engineer and First Engineer.
° He will also act as an attending Superintendent from the S&Q Department as per SIRE recommendations.
° On Board Training that will consist of (but not be limited to) the following lectures and Drills:
° Passage Planning and Bridge Procedures - Deck Officers and Chief Engineer.
° Entry into Enclosed Spaces - All Officers and Crew.
° Health and Hygiene - All Ratings and Petty Officers.
° Shipboard Oil Pollution - All Ratings and Petty Officers.
° ISM/SMS Manuals Familiarization - All Officers and Crew.
° Accidents (Causes and Prevention)/PEC Meetings
° 3rd Party Inspections-All Officers and Crew.
° Shipboard Oil Pollution/MARPOL/OPA 90 - All Officers.
° Familiarisation with Gas Instruments All Officers & Petty Officers.
° LSA/FFA Equipment Usage.
° Fire in the Accommodation.
° Boat Drill (Abandon Ship).
° Oil Pollution Drill.
° Rescue Operation from the Pump room.
° Steering Failure (Emergency Steering).
° Salvage (Table Top).
° Man Overboard Drill (Table Top).
These Lectures and Drills are conducted over the period on board, as and when the workload permitted. These can also be tailored to suit the needs of the owners.

In addition to the above, we will conduct the following courses for all officers prior joining the vessel :
° Familiarisation with Company SMS.
° MARPOL / OPA 90.
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