Origin of Oceans XV

Oceans XV Nautical Services Pvt. Ltd. is a company formed by a group of Master Mariners. We are professionals with vast experience in the Marine and Consultancy fields (including Marine Law), both on board vessels as well as ashore.

In October 2007 after 31 years our batch who had taken pre-sea training (a batch of 15 members) together as Batch No.3 at Great Easterns’ Training Ship Jawahar in 1976 decided to meet up at Jaipur. During one session an idea was floated to start something together connected with shipping and surprisingly the response to this was very positive.

It was then the turn of deciding on the name of our initiative. Since we were 15 in the batch and all were in agreement to the proposal we decided to call ourselves “OCEANS XV”.

The fifteen bright eyed and bushy tailed boys of Oceans XV are:

° Tushar V Angre - settled in U.K. - General Manager of an IT Company
° Anant Patwardhan - settled in Pune - A practicing famous marine lawyer
° Mohan V. Naik - settled in Mumbai - General Manager of Dynacom Tankers
° Sanjeev Dhanda - settled in Bareilly - Country Representative of Carnegie Melon University (USA) programmes in India.
° Sanjive Nanda - settled in USA- Vice President of American P&I club
° Sanjiv Verma - settled in Delhi - Ex. Vice Principal of Fosma Maritime Institute
° Atul Malik - settled in Australia - Pilot in Great Barrier Reef, Australia.
° Sharookh Raghina - settled in Canada - Senior Superintendant with Fairmont Shipping, Canada.
° Merzee Tarapore - settled in Mumbai - Sailing Master on Oil Tankers
° Nitash E Lala - settled in Bangalore - Sailing Master on LNG Tankers
° George Philips - settled in New Zealand - Marine & General Cargo Manager
° Nisha Nath Jain - settled in Mumbai - AGM, Great Eastern.
° Zubair Ali Khan - settled in Phillipines - Port Captain - Shell
° Bobby Dhawan - settled in Pune - Senior Cargo Surveyor
° Tajinder Singh Gill - settled in Delhi - Owner of a ship chartering company.
Though we call ourselves Oceans XV due to the above, we have in our team Gurjeet Singh Bhambra from batch no. 2 of training ship Jawahar. He has supported our initiative from day one at Jaipur in every manner and is now a founder director of our company. He resides in Australia and has extensive experience on VLCC's.

With such a fantastic spread of experience of over 450 years amongst us we launched the company by registering it in Delhi and have commenced training operations. In shipping language one can say – we are already “underway” and “making way” through the water.