The primary objective of this course is to awaken the seafarers to the involvement of risks on board the ship; to give emphasis on the Risk assessment on all operations on board so as to achieve a flawless operation and to prevent accidents. On completion of the course the seafarers are expected to identify the hazards, take the necessary control measures so as to bring them down to the broadly acceptable levels from the unacceptable and /or tolerable Region by making use of the Risk Assessment forms (F.RA.5) for each operation. This is based on ALARP (As Low As Reasonably Practicable) framework for Risk Criteria as per Tanker Management Self Assessment (TMSA) guidelines which divides risks into 3 major regions as detailed below:-
  • Region “A”=Unacceptable Region where the risk factor is>6
  • Region “B”=Tolerable Region where the risk factor is between 4 & 6
  • Region “C”=broadly acceptable Region where the risk factor is between 1 & 3


Duration: 1 day

Eligibility: All Ship Officers

No. of Participants: 10

Course Facilitators: Master/Chief Engineer & HR Expert.

Course Venue: Oceans XV Nautical Services Pvt. Ltd.
F-209, Lado Sarai
New Delhi - 110030

Tel. No.: +(91)-(11)-46035710

E-mail: training@oceansxv.net