The aim of this course is to promote effective Ship Handling & Manoeuvring in all conditions.


  • Manoevre when approaching pilot stations.
  • Handle ships in rivers & restricted waters.
  • Apply rate of turn techniques.
  • Manoevre in shallow waters.
  • Understand interaction between ships.
  • Berth & Unberth under various conditions within & without tugs.
  • Understand the use of propulsion and manoeuvring systems.
  • Choose anchorages and anchor with one or two anchors.
  • Understand the dragging of anchor and clearing fouled anchors.
  • handling ships in heavy weather.
  • Manoevre to launch rescue boats and survival crafts in all conditions.
  • Navigating in Ice.


The course is designed in such a way as to create an opportunity for participants to discuss and implement best practice with regard to Ship Handling & Manoeuvring in all conditions. It will also highlight all decisions concerning berthing and anchoring, assessment of the ship's manoeuvring and engine characteristics and while underway a full assessment of effects of shallow and restricted waters, ice, banks, tidal conditions passing ships and own ships bow and stern wave so that own ship is always safely manoeuvred under various conditions of loading and weather.


Duration: 3 days

Eligibility: Masters & All Navigating Offices

No. of Participants: 6

Course Facilitators: Experienced Masters

Course Venue: Oceans XV Nautical Services Pvt. Ltd.
F-209, Lado Sarai
New Delhi - 110030

Tel. No.: +(91)-(11)-46035710